Insurance must play its role as an economic and social stabiliser. This is why Wakam has created the Wakam for Good endowment fund.

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Key Figures

March 2021

Wakam a European digital and B2B2C insurer, becomes a mission-driven company

December 2021

Creation of the Wakam for Good fund to promote the inclusion of financially and psychologically excluded populations in France and Europe

March 2022

First donation to the fund

June 2022

Call for associative projects


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Our theory of change
In a few words

Wakam for Good wants to build a fairer and more inclusive world. For the world to move towards this ideal, we believe we have to promote the inclusion of financially and psychologically excluded populations in France and in Europe.

How? By supporting associations or organisations that help and reintegrate individuals in psychological and financial distress.

Inclusion is a priority issue for policymakers, regulatory bodies and development organisations around the world. According to the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations, it is a factor of progress, and Wakam for Good has made it its priority.

How Wakam for Good works

Wakam for Good is funded by donations

from Wakam and its distribution partners.

The endowment fund launches a call for associative projects

the selected non-profit organisations receive untargeted funding.

The donors’ employees vote for

their favourite project each year. The winner receives a bonus boost!

Your turn
Are you passionate about the actions supported by Wakam for Good?
Support them by making a donation!
Make a donation

Are you an individual?

Making a donation to Wakam for Good entitles you to a tax deduction equal to 66% of the amount of the donation and up to 20% of your taxable income (French law).

Are you a company?

A tax deduction is also granted to corporate donors within the limit of 0.5% of their turnover or €20,000 (French law).

Would you like to make your donations part of a global approach? We would love to talk with you!


tax deduction if the donation is less than or equal to €2 million


tax deduction if the donation is greater than €2 million


The various projects supported
by Wakam for Good



Lazare develops shared accommodation between homeless people and young working people.

Donations from Wakam for Good allow us to finance the construction of houses designed for homeless and young working people to share, allowing people living on the street to find housing and develop a network.

Habitat & Humanisme

Habitat & Humanisme

Habitat et Humanisme acts in support of housing, integration and the recreation of social links for people who feel excluded or isolated from society.

Donations from Wakam for Good allow us to finance a programme aimed at caring for the psychological health of exiled people through artistic and equine intermediation.

La Maison perchée

La Maison perchée

La Maison Perchée provides young adults living with a mental disorder with peer-to-peer support.

Donations from Wakam for Good allow us to contribute to the opening of a meeting place that includes a co-working space and a café that will be run by young people with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.


Vote for your crush! We will give it a boost!

We invite all donors and employees of donor companies to vote for their favorite charity from the Wakam for Good selection. The winning association will receive an additional boost to finance its projects!

Lazare développe des colocations solidaires entre sans-abri et jeunes actifs.
La Maison perchée
La Maison perchée accompagne par la pair-aidance les jeunes adultes vivant avec un trouble psychique.
Habitat & Humanisme
Habitat et Humanisme agit en faveur du logement, de l’insertion et de la recréation de liens sociaux des personnes en situations d’exclusion et d’isolement.

Key figures

brought by Wakam and its distribution partners

associations supported since the launch of the fund


The Wakam for Good

Emmanuel Clarke


Olivier Jaillon

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Denis Thaeder


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